Aspiring to study, work abroad? The immigration industry is slippery, tread carefully! You could also take Rudraksh Group hand for guidance

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Indian migrants began arriving on foreign shores, like the United States, as early as 1820. Since the 1990s, the Indian population has swollen to become the second-largest immigrant group in the US after the Mexicans.

Rudraksh Group

Leaving behind your family and the native land to settle abroad for financial gains is an age-old phenomenon. There are better opportunities abroad, better working environment and the money is much higher. Besides seeking lucrative employment opportunities, we also go for higher studies from renowned institutions.

This is where the immigration agents and companies come into the picture. Unfortunately, many of such agencies have been known to dupe people, exploiting their need to study or work abroad. Like vultures looking to take everything away from us, quite a few of the immigration agencies misguide and misdirect us.

In their desperation to earn in Dollars, people mostly end up in the wrong hands. The immigration industry is notoriously infamous for being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Because of a few rotten apples, genuine agencies suffer bad reputation. As aspirants, we should ensure that the agency is credible and trustworthy before we part with our hard-earned money.

The Rudraksh group of companies have been sending students and working professionals to foreign lands for decades now. Opulentus is another example of a company operating on righteous grounds. The Rudraksh group, based in Mohali, has paid the price for belonging to an industry festering with unethical operators. Its business has taken a beating, but the Rudraksh group believes that in the long run, it pays to be sincere.

The business of immigration has destroyed, and at the same time, inspired many lives. It is up to us to ensure we approach the right people.

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