Chartered Accountancy can benefit most from PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative!

Posted on by Rohan Desai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign is altering the dynamics of every sector of importance in the country. India’s online infrastructure has for long been more or less ancient in its approach, relying primarily on paperwork for the various procedures and communications. Swift and automated modus operandi, cutting across boundaries at the click of a mouse, seemed a distant dream until Modi stepped in. And how.

Digital India Initiative

Today, even rural India is getting connected through high-speed internet networks, something unimaginable till only recently…

Because ‘Finance’ as a sector predominates the others, chartered accountancy becomes a critical cog in the wheel, and it most needs a complete overhaul in its operations, interactions, and connectivity. It’s getting there. The only question is: Is it happening fast enough?

As a breed, Chartered Accountancy, and a few good men associated with it, is gunning for a shift in temperament – digital transformation…

ICAI, a critical pedestal for all existing and aspiring CAs in the country, duly recognizes the missing digital angle from their world and its current impact on their growth. ICAI progressively envisions a different future for the CA community and is working towards imparting technical skills to the CAs. It is to groom them better from the outside, yet not losing touch with their original foundation of valuable knowledge and experience.


Some in ICAI have emerged upholding the cause as candidates of CA election. ICAI Election 2015 surely holds much promise in its womb for the CA Division.

The Chartered accountant father-son duo of Durga Das Agrawal and Shashank Agrawal, stakeholders in the digital transformation drive, has views, too. In fact, the son, Shashank, pointed out the lack of technological upgradation, directly co-relating it to the major gap for low salaries and promotions. In tackling the issue, Mr Agarwal has launched two crucial, informative, and effective websites- and, to make life easier for all the stakeholders.

CA Dr. DD Agrawal

He pointed out: “Our objective is to help students and freshers to critically understand the subject matter with CA Circle and enable our respected colleagues and juniors to rise higher in the profession following the guidelines imparted with Spotclass. These are guide books, if you will, aimed at enhancing the scope and knowledge of improved performance.”… We will need more of such programmes and mindsets to give birth to an ‘all-encompassing system.

A battery of professionals, with their exceptional insights, carry promising candidatures in the Central Council Election, 2015. Can the Delhi elections of 2015 turn out to be the real game changer for all?

Only time can tell.

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