Chartered Accountancy is the backbone of financial sector. Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ drive can strengthen it

Posted on by Rohan Desai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative is poised to propel India to a different, more prosperous plane. It is already revolutionizing the working dynamics of every sector. Paperwork has given way to computerized operations even in backward areas. Although the digital campaign has made its way to even rural areas, where high-speed internet connectivity is bringing people closer than ever, there is still a long way to go.

Digital India Initiative
Through this digitisation process, chartered accountancy needs to benefit the most owing to its connection to the finance sector, the most important of all. It needs a complete overhaul in its operations, interactions, and connectivity, and only if it embraces the paradigm shift with gusto and pro-activeness, will chartered accountancy evolve.

Some have taken the initiative, and more and more are seen to be joining the bandwagon. The digital transformation is dependent upon how eager a community is to allow it to come.

ICAI, an important platform for existing and aspiring CAs, understands the missing digital angle from their profession, and its consequence on their growth. ICAI progressively envisions a different future for the CA community and is working towards imparting technical skills to the CAs. It is to groom them better from the outside, yet not losing touch with their original foundation of valuable knowledge and experience.

Quite a few stakeholders have emerged upholding the cause as candidates of CA election. ICAI Election 2015 surely holds much promise for the CA Division.

Chartered accountant Shashank Agrawal son of Durga Das Agrawal, has rightfully pointed out the lack of technological upgradation, directly co-relating it to the major gap for low salaries and promotions. In tackling the issue, Mr Agarwal has launched two important, educational, and effective websites- and, to help students and professionals understand the full meaning of digital transformation, and how it can be achieved.

CA Dr. DD Agrawal
He pointed out: “We aim to help students understand the subject better through CA Circle. We want to empower our colleagues and juniors, help them raise the bar of excellence by making them understand the guidelines imparted through SpotClass. These guidebooks are intended to enhance performance levels.”

Quite a few CA professionals, with their outstanding knowledge and experience are up as promising candidates in the Central Council Election, 2015. Let’s see if the Delhi elections of 2015 can power the Indian CA community to great levels of superiority.

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