‘Digital India campaign’ will benefit most from the young generation. They understand the digital pulse better

Posted on by Manisha Mehta

In the 21st century, especially now, the only way for an institution, a community or an individual to scale to greater heights is through going digital. It spells success and generally helps society perform better. At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative is picking up speed, the chartered accountant community, among others, must be anticipating transformation to their style of operations and communications.

Digitization of CA community
Narendra Modi’s ‘digital India campaign’ has positively affected every field, with high-speed internet access to even rural India. It is likely that the chartered accountants of tomorrow will be better equipped with the order and skill to drive strong business performance, enabling the much-excited public to benefit. After all, it is the people of India for which Modi felt responsible enough to initiate the revolutionary plan.

But for it to happen, the entire CA community needs to come together and ensure everyone pitches in. There are around 2.5 lakh CAs and 10 lakh aspiring CAs, presently studying and training for their future role in taking the profession ever higher. Many have started companies, mostly online, to impart education to future generation.

‘Digital Jalebi’, a start-up venture of chartered accountant Shashank Agrawal, is one of the many innovative contributions towards helping Modi realize his dreams for India. Digital Jalebi focuses on designing various innovative and creative tools in order to improve the learning experience of lakhs and lakhs of aspiring professionals. It helps them understand the digitised world better.

Digital Jalebi

The story of Shashank is not uncommon, there are many like him doing their bit to make the CA community more robust and performance-enhancing, by equipping them with latest technology and digital tools. He joined his father, DD Agrawal, a Chartered accountant of repute himself, very early in life in his flourishing legal company – ddagrawal & Co. DD Agrawal is contesting the CA elections of 2015.

Shashank says, “Digital jalebi has been designed to encourage tech startups and imbibe new thoughts among the youth, so that they can make contribution to the society in an effective way.”

Despite the challenges that not just the chartered accountants, but every sector, faces, there is more than a ray of hope for a much-needed transformation.

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