Thanks to Styletag, shopping online has made life more convenient and stress-free!

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E-commerce has taken the world of business by storm. People buy all kinds of things from the comforts of their homes. All one needs is an internet connection, and there you go. The whole world is at your feet at the click of a button.


I will confess, I am an online shopping addict. Every other day, there is a delivery boy knocking at my door, but I treat this as a guilt-free shopping. I don’t have to go anywhere; the payment is done online without any hassle, and there is the ‘cash on delivery’ option available as well, making it too irresistible to ignore.

We no longer need to step out into the scorching sun to go shopping, we no longer need to fight for parking spaces, and we no longer have to haggle with the vendors. E-commerce giants, like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon are established brands today and are going up the ladder. Along with them, ventures like Styletag and Homeshop18 are also carving a niche for themselves.

I have shopped at all places. Myntra has a large variety of clothing, accessories and footwear, but lacks electronics and home decor, unlike Flipkart. You will be amazed to learn about the quiet, yet effective business house, Styletag. Launched in 1991, it became the first-ever multi-designer luxury store in southern India.

I recently bought a dress from, and I really loved their service. The competitive prices at which they provide fashion and luxury brands continue to attract more and more visitors to the site.

Styletag also specialises in helping clients with style advice. A select group of Stylists offer ideas and advice on what is best suited to a customer’s personalities.

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