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Companies usually earn 80 percent of their sales from just 20 percent of their customers. It’s therefore imperative to ensure that those shoppers keep coming back!

WeMark India

Businesses today are going head over heels to maintain their standards. By going an extra mile, every business is trying to gain an edge over the others. Whether it’s a start-up or an NGO, they are putting increased emphasis on customer satisfaction and loyalty strategies to perk up their bottom line.

One of the ways to enhance customer satisfaction is by providing good quality, and ensuring that their needs are met. You can reach that level by developing the mystery shopping model, a concept that is still in its nascent stage in India. But I was curious, so I dug up.

A process of going into a physical store and evaluating the overall performance of the employees is the basic idea behind mystery shopping. The mystery shopper goes in pretending to be a simple shopper, visiting the store for the purpose of purchasing an item. This shopper is assessing the employee performance and the quality of the products. Isn’t it groovy?

One of the companies which have created a niche for itself is WeMark India. Its agenda is simple – Helping good companies become great companies, equipped with comprehensive arsenal of proven surveying, auditing, and management systems.

How amazing is it to allow the clients have the power to express their feedback, to identify and acknowledge those employees who have performed their duties well. The company has 18 associate offices across the world and is head quartered in New Delhi.

How can so many people be so oblivious to this marketing concept? It’s definitely worth reading more on the subject.

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