Young minds pave the way for a futuristic ‘Digital India’

Posted on by Manisha Mehta

One of the best ways to elevate and build upon already established recognition of any profession is to inject a dose of ‘Digitisation’. In fact, digitisation has, in the past one year or so, become a byword for success. And if you happen to be a Chartered accountant, or you are training to become one, you are at the right time at the right place! Welcome to ‘Digital India’!

Digitization of CA community

Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India campaign’ has been making inroads into every sector at high speed, just like the high-speed internet access the campaign is providing to even rural India now, chartered accountants of tomorrow will be better equipped with the discipline and skill to drive strong business performance, enabling the much-excited public to soak it all in. After all, it is the people of India for which Modi felt responsible enough to initiate the revolutionary plan.

Of course, if the CAs, a critical arm of financial sector, are to be at the forefront of this revolution, the community has to be up in arms. Every member has to put in his bit. There are around 2.5 lakh CAs and 10 lakh aspiring CAs, presently studying and training for their future role in taking the profession ever higher. Many have started companies, mostly online, to impart education to future generation.

‘Digital Jalebi’, a start-up venture initiated by Shashank Agrawal, a potential CA, is one such futuristic contribution towards helping Modi realize his dreams for us.

Digital Jalebi

Digital Jalebi focuses on designing various innovative and creative tools in order to improve the learning experience of lakhs and lakhs of aspiring professionals. It helps them understand the digitised world better.

There are many Shashanks out there, aspiring to be the engines of change… He quickly joined his father, Durga Das Agrawal, a Chartered accountant of repute himself, in his flourishing professional work – ddagrawal & Co. Incidentally, Durga Das Agrawal is contesting the CA elections, 2015. The community that Shashank’s father represents on a more senior level are doing their own, more complex bit, towards realizing a digital India.

Shashank says, “My mission for Digital Jalebi is to help promote tech startups and imbibe new thoughts among the youth, so that these professionals can contribute to the society in an effective and efficient manner.”

The revolution to change India has just begun, though. Challenges lie ahead, but we cannot give up chasing the digital dream till India finally achieves it.

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