Business studies no longer ‘by the book’. Management institutes like iFEEL injecting life into business!

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So you have finally decided to take up management as a career choice, but the challenge is, how do you figure out which institute offers you the best courses, top-of-the-line faculty and a congenial environment? Where do you go to fulfill your dreams?


Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership – iFEEL – takes you beyond the scope of the conventional PGDM degree. It prepares you for a tougher tomorrow, it conditions you for challenges that would otherwise daunt you. You will receive holistic treatment.

In the current scenario, the corporate world is looking for professionals who are much more than just MBAs. The companies seek managers who are the torch-bearers of tomorrow, who are not merely academically strong, but also hold innovation and leadership qualities. Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., Narayan Murthy of Infosys, and many other heavyweight entrepreneurs have achieved what they wanted in life with absolute determination, they stepped out of their comfort zone to make a name for themselves.

Gandhiji had quoted, “Be the Change you want to see in the world”. Without doubt, education, management and entrepreneurship are the most influential weapons which can be used to transform the world for the better. The institute focuses on plotting practice-oriented and industry-focused PGDM curriculum, driven by prominent corporate interface, bringing overall conversion in learners. iFEEL e – cell was ranked at the 1st position on national level in the IIT Bombay National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015.

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