Clinical research industry in India is booming. ICRI can help you be a part of the $27-billion health sector

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With the rise of modern medical technologies, patient care has improved tremendously. Almost every single day, there is a new medicine in the market to take on a disease. But how safe and effective are these drugs? Is it actually a breakthrough medicine that will chase an illness? Importantly, what are the side effects of the new drugs?

In finding such crucial answers today, people resort to clinical research. Pharma co-vigilance and clinical data management are two such courses in clinical research that help find the answers.

Pharma co-vigilance (PV) aims to enhance patient care and safety in relation to the use of medicines. PV is the science of discovery, evaluation, understanding and prevention of adverse effects of medicines. Its goal is to support public health programmes by providing balanced information so that the risk-benefit profile of medicines are rightly calculated.


Clinical data management (CDM) is considered a crucial phase in clinical research. With CDM as a tool, high-quality and statistically correct data can be created from clinical trials. It assures collection, integration and availability of data at a suitable cost.

In clinical research, the global CRO market in 2014 reached approximately $27 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% to reach $32.7 billion by next year. CDM industry is the fastest growing segment in the bio services industry. With a strong IT base and a burgeoning clinical research industry, India is proving to be a good destination for Clinical Data Management (CDM) outsourcing.

The pharma co-vigilance industry in India has grown tremendously in the past 8 years. Around 15,000 PV professionals are working in India currently. Ranging from basic case processing to complex actions (eg. signal detection and analysis) opportunities for PV capabilities in India is increasing and our country is emerging as preferred destination for global PV services. ICRI is the only institute in India that offers a wide range of courses in clinical research.

ICRI students

Some of India’s top recruiters in the clinical research filed have chosen candidates from ICRI. Students of ICRI have been placed with leading players, such as Quintiles, PAREXEL, Covance, CliniRX, GVK Bio, Astrazeneca, Novartis, PPD Pharmaceutical, and many more.

In the last placement offers, ICRI toppers were hired by Fortis Research Center as Research Analysts. The top salary packages start at Rs 4 lakh monthly, and ICRI alumni joined in various roles: Supply Chain Study Manager in the UK, Strategy & Business Support Manager in Switzerland, Pharmacist in Tanzania Health & Social Welfare. The most common job opportunities available after completing a diploma is PV and CDM are junior data analyst, quality control specialist, drug safety associate, and clinical research associate.

The imparting of education in ICRI is students-inclusive and interactive. Eminent faculty members deliver lectures here. There are also regular workshops so that students get a heads-on experience on problem-solving through interaction and exchange of information.
ICRI students are taken on field visits to the Institute for toxicology studies, where they can learn toxicological studies from various fields

Reports say that ICRI students started with 20% more salaries than others in the clinical research industry. A majority of clinical research professionals (staggering 75%) in the past 11 years have completed their studies from ICRI. ICRI gives you that edge.

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