Engineering can be an easy ride, provided you choose the right college! Experience Brindavan college for a better tomorrow

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We are all required to choose our career paths immediately after the 10th Board exams. It can be confusing as well as daunting. I took the easy way out by opting for humanities, while most of my peers went into science and maths. I had a good final two years in school, without any pressure of performance. My friends slogged, and today, I can see why. Most of them are successfully running start-up companies, some are in high-paying IT jobs in the US and UK. I am doing pretty well for myself, but I pale in comparison.

Brindavan College

Technological innovations has long been key to India’s growth and prosperity, and engineering has been an important driver of this innovation.

Aspiring engineers are trying really hard to get into engineering colleges of repute. It is their route to high-paying jobs. Quite a few engineering colleges and institutes have been known to extract maximum money from students without offering them platforms for employment. Their faculties have acute shortages, the teaching staff is not motivated to impart that extra bit of knowledge, the administration is unorganized and insensitive.

There are also those institutions which play by the rule, follow a righteous path and focus more on educating, rather than making money. The Brindavan College in Bengaluru is one such institution which has historically provided lucrative placements for its students. I have even suggested the idea of studying there to many of my acquaintances and they have quite a bit of good things to say.

The Brindavan college in Bengaluru is India’s premier educational institute of higher learning in engineering and related subjects. With more than a decade of excellence in professional education and training, Brindavan college has established a growing legacy of innovative thinkers and exceptional standards of academic achievements, and by Government of India through Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi, with scholarships to study various U.G and P.G programs in the college.

Unless there is holistic development, education alone won’t help. The Bengaluru-based institute understands this and accordingly pursues related courses. The quiet and serene environment allows the mind to wander, to explore human possibilities and newer horizons. The overall professional development of a student comes in handy when appearing for an interview at Google or Facebook!

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