Innovation in automation: Anax Projects & Development shows the way

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In the unique world of molecular laboratory, the expansion and adoption of automation has emerged as a timely innovation. Innovations, by nature, improve the quality of life. In automation, innovation has resulted in better productivity, high efficiency, and buoyancy in molecular testing. What was formerly done manually can now be executed by means of automation and producing efficient outcomes in comparatively lesser time.

Anax Projects

Automation has unquestionably revolutionized several industries in which it has been introduced. There is barely any aspect of contemporary living that has remained unaffected by automation. Trades such as packaging, refineries, mines, pharmaceuticals, power plants and foodstuff industries, all have automated systems/machinery in place for increased productivity and quality.

ANAX Projects & Development strives to bridge the academic – industries linkage by implementing best-in-class ideas in Automation Technology that impel evolution for engineers and companies to enhance trade through unmatched technical solutions.

ANAX Projects imparts practical training to corporate professionals that assists them in securing their channel to success. From instructor-led training through joint e-Learning environments, to self-paced video presentations, their learning materials present customized training for PLC, HMI, Panel Designing, Networking, Auto-CAD, Drive and Motion control etc. With the aid of their skilled instructors and partnerships, you can hook your business to a culture of embracing skill improvement.

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