Most schools believe in donations and fee hikes! Billabong High International School was a refreshing change!

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Young children spend around 7 to 8 hours daily in their schools. Technically, they are confined to the same building for all these hours, with the same set of friends and classmates. It gets boring at most of the times.

With the growing emphasis on human resource development, students are more conscious of their future than ever today. Consequently, they put great effort towards attaining good grades, leading to solid foundation.

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We don’t need to discuss the importance of a school; it is where we were all shaped. We are who we are today largely because of how we were in school. Did we go to a good school? Were we the delinquents, or did we inspire the others with our outstanding conduct? Did our teachers consider us good students, or warned the others to stay away from us?

Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in the wrong kind of environment, in the wrong school, not because the school doesn’t want to give us the best, but because they don’t know better. They do not possess the wherewithal to be counted among the best. Most modern-day schools lack the right faculty. The teaching staff is just about qualified, nothing special.

The facade has no value, really. Schools today spend lots of money on enhancing their buildings and infrastructure. That, tragically, works wonders towards attracting parents with children ready for school. They forget that their children will be studying in the school, not staring at beautiful school buildings all day long!

Gone are the days when school meant just learning the historical events in a chapter, reciting poems, or solving tough mathematical problems. Schools today understand the concept of holistic development. They put extra emphasis on personality development, the most crucial component of the education process.

Developing social skills, inspiring students to get proficient at multi tasking, developing hobbies, learning basic etiquettes are a few examples of what a school does, and should do, to prepare our tomorrow’s future.

Parents are also realising the importance of a ‘good’ school today. Unfortunately, most schools are turning out to be commercially-driven. The focus is more on money than education and its standard. Donations are demanded, and given. What option does a parent have?

There are still schools that follow the unwritten code of ethics. Education should have never been allowed to be so heavily commercialised. Perhaps, the Government needs to ensure, through policies and laws, that schools don’t exploit parents.

My Colleague’s son studies in Billabong High International School, in Thane, and had pleasant experiences to share. Managed by the Citizen Welfare Association since 2006, Billabong High International School has managed to become very significant in the education sector, and very quickly, too. Aspire and achieve, this is basically what the institution teaches. They give students the wings to fly.

If a school is centered on child development, there is future in it. If donations and fee hikes bother you, you may have put your child in the wrong place.

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