New Career Shiksha triggers a meteoric rise in online recruitment

Posted on by Rohan Desai

If you are a corporate recruiter, seeking records and data of prospective employees, New Career Shiksha can single-handedly help you in your objective. Their profiles are precise, reliable and duly researched. It allows the recruiters to sift through quality potential referrals, and permits corporations to take its pick through the extraordinary talent research.

New Career Shiksha

One of the major differences between a good and a great recruiting source is the proportion of passive over active prospects that reside in it. In fact, because of its professional approach and other ample uses, it has turned out to be a customary practice for nearly all professionals to post a profile on New Career Shiksha.

This online job portal works on real-time interface and 24×7 hiring/job hunt activity. Recruiters can post a job opening in just 15 minutes on a career website such as New Career Shiksha. There are no restrictions to the size of the advertisement, and the process of receiving relevant Resumes starts right away. You can save up to 90% of the total cost by posting jobs and/otherwise searching for candidates on web job portals, as compared to traditional advertising techniques.

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