Regular colleges are a passé! Jaro proves online education is the new course to take!

Posted on by Tanya Jain

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to pursue MBA, along with the job. Today, I understand how impractical it sounds. It’s not possible to pursue a full-time MBA course while doing a job. I would end up doing injustice to both my studies, and job. But there is always a way, sometimes a better way!


I went for an online MBA course. Many well wishers warned me about the futility of online education, but I hung on to my belief. I was told that an online degree has little relevance and significance, but for me, education is more important than any fancy degree.

Web technology has revolutionized the way we function in the 21st century. There are no handicaps. If registered to a recognised, proven institute, an online candidate holds equal worth. Information, data, and other academic-related course materials are mostly received through downloads and email. Online tutors offer support online. Even if you are not in a physical classroom, you can still interact with other students through online chats and emails. It’s a real experience!

Jaro is one such online education institute. It offers a great deal of flexibility, especially for the people with full-time jobs and responsibilities towards families. Distance learning can make it possible for people to advance their degrees when otherwise it would not be possible to do so.

While I was doing online MBA, I realized that distance learning is much more economical. Online courses cost less than the traditional programmes because of the reduced amount charged for tuition. We can also receive help from the school’s instructional staff.

Online classes give students more opportunity to interact with their peers and their instructors. With distance learning, there are no office hours and students can leave emails and messages for their students as often as they like. Technology has also made it easier for students to receive and hand in assignments.

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