Ambanis & Tatas not the only ones! Akash Nangia led SISL InfoTech powers PM Modi’s Digital India campaign!

Posted on by Rohan Desai

Ambanis, Mittals, Tatas, Adanis and many more titans of the corporate industry are not the only players joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ bandwagon.  There are entrepreneurs and companies, relatively small in size, whose contributions are much greater. Unfortunately, because they are not billion-dollar babies just yet, we apparently don’t notice them.

A company worth billions of dollars will have no trouble investing a sizeable chunk into the digital India campaign, but the true spirit of Modi’s vision lies somewhere else. It is not in the financial ability of the corporate giants to pump in money because they can. The true champions and torch bearers of Modi’s dream are companies which contribute through time, effort and passion, through their large-heartedness to invest despite limitations.

SISL InfoTech, a new-age Information Technology firm led by Akash Nangia, is just one example of companies which dare to dream! Transforming the Indian economy into a digitally-empowered knowledge economy is the vision that Akash Nangia has been nurturing for quite some time now. “SISL has laid out its objectives very clearly. Our contribution and investment towards ‘Digital India’ is not just about ‘aligning with the PM’s vision’, we believe in it,” pointed out Mr Nangia, who at a very young age, plunged into the world of cut-throat business.

Akash Nangia, SISL InfoTech

An integral part of SISL InfoTech initiative is ‘MyGov’. It is a platform that allows active participation of citizens in the decision-making process, allowing people to voice their concerns and offer suggestions for improvement.

The ‘Digital India’ programme is right up their alley. They are an IT Solutions provider, with expertise in providing Cyber Security.

SISL InfoTech has established its niche on the basis of trust and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape in India. They have attracted global partners like the Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, IBM and many more.

Nilesh Jain, Sales Director- India & SAARC, Trend Micro, says, “We have had a long standing partnership with SISL InfoTech. They have been our key partners in providing cyber security and hedging our clients against various cyber threats. They are highly effective.”

“Cyber threats and virtual security breaches are the top-most concern bone for most companies. Most of the data is now stored over the cloud. The hackers have become smarter and shielding one’s business has become critical. Our partnership with SISL InfoTech has enabled us to cater to the various Government sector clients,” said Parag Khurana, M.D, India, F5 networks Inc.

Globally, cyber crime has become the worst nightmare for corporate entities. It has cumulatively cost a loss of above $500 billion to businesses. In 2014, 47 percent of American population had their personal information exposed by hackers. This is the world we live in today.

Quite a few companies operate on the principle that since they are insulated and have a so-called impenetrable wall of defense, they are safe. Such thinking has come back to haunt many before.

The Digital India campaign has taken off fairly quickly. The response from the corporate sector has been great. It is important to recognise these efforts.

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