Chennai has become a place to change your home into a start-up. Find out how!

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More and more investors in Chennai are fixing up their eyes on start-ups these days. A simple home can be converted into a start-up and your business can get the wings right from the start. It’s easy to start work from there and proves economical too. Skillveri in Chennai is getting its due recognition these days as investors are thronging in here for suggestions and questions on growth curves. They also get a crash course on converting homes into a den of start-ups.


Start-ups are making it big in markets these days the reason being its economical behaviour and simplicity. Kitchen can be changed into a warehouse where products can be stacked properly. Bedroom can hold an army of computers to turn it into a technology room or an online start-up where orders would stack up in a minute. In drawing room, HR and Finance department can sit and discuss policies together.

You’ll be surprised to know that the little garden in the backyard of the 1,500-sqft independent house on a green lane is where Skillveri’s founder Sabarinath C enjoys lunch with founders of Microspin and Fractal, a pure-play technology development start-up in the space of manufacturing.

Skillveri has recently raised capital from impact firm Ankur Capital. Sabarinath has taken up two rooms from another apartment which is based on the design of another start-up for assembling his machines.


Start-ups take a fast step ahead as soon as they are formed because they don’t need big space and swanky look. In Skillveri’s setup, the human resource and finance employees take care of tax filing and recruitments for all three start-ups. They have cut the idle time and stopped short of giving scope for poaching between one another.

With growth in Chennai’s start-up ecosystem, the government has also given a go ahead for small start-ups. There will be an opening of a start-up warehouse in the first-ever IT hub Tidel Park soon as per the plans of government.

The growing demand for office space has been turned into a business by startup OfficeJuvo, a digital marketplace for commercial rentals whose CEO is Shrikanth T. If we look at their business case, it gives a positive outlook: For a co-working space, Shrikanth would have to shell out Rs 36,000-50,000 a month in place of which he is paying Rs 15,000. So he’s saving much on space.

in-house offices

As they continue to scale up, the companies plan to move in to a two-storey building together and growing their business in a profitable way. “That happens once you move in and start gelling with the partner; it’s something like a marriage,” Shrikanth quips.

However, start-ups have given a new direction to those who want to start their business on a small scale with a little money and space in hand. This way they can boom in another two years for sure by saving a lot on space and utilizing that money on other useful resources.

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