Social media is the engine that drives the entertainment industry! Anand Productions making the most of it

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The entertainment industry is one of the most dynamic parts of our society. Movies have a special way of connecting with people. We identify with the characters, sympathise, pass judgments and make or break careers by embracing or ignoring movies and actors. While some movies transport you to fairylands, most reflect the changing times, dealing with real issues.

Anand Productions

Movies these days carry social messages and are inspired by real life events. From ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’, to ‘no one killed Jessica’, we have seen the potential of such movies not just from the entertainment point of view, but also from a human angle.

With the audience wanting more of such movies, Anand Productions are coming up with a release on Valentine’s Day, 2016, named ‘Viral’. The film is a blend of social networking and love relationships and is based on real life experiences. The movie projects the power of social media, how it has the ability to transform lives. After producing some of the famous films like Jugaad and Desi Kattey, ‘Viral’ is expected to break quite a few records. There is already a growing anticipation among movie buffs and the Valentine’s Day couldn’t come sooner!

Using the social media platform to create awareness, to produce and promote meaningful films, is slowly becoming a hallmark of Anand Productions.

Bollywood is a tough field to create a niche, but production houses like the Anand Productions have already established their rightful place. There is only one way to go from here – up!

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