Give chemicals a miss, go organic ! Hans Herbal Overseas will soon make synthetic ones like P&G, run for cover!

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The damaging effect of synthetic beauty products on skin and hair is driving Indian consumers towards adopting more skin health – sensitive cosmetic items.

The hyperbole of the chemical – laced cosmetic companies, aimed at luring consumers with tall, but false claims. No longer excite the Indian men and women.

Although belated, the shift towards herbal beauty products is a welcome trend. No longer “beauty” conscious alone, Indian consumers are putting greater emphasis on the health of their body. The purpose of cosmetics is to enhance men, woman’s skin, to make it appear more inviting, not infect it with chemicals that leave your skin looking unsightly most of brands have been known to hamper your skin from breathing freely. It can cause impurities to settle on your skin, can lead to acnes, pimples and all kinds of ghastly allergies.

They have been scientifically proven to be harsh on your skin, with numerous studies reporting that they are carcinogenic, too. Why would anyone still be using them? There is only short – term gain in using such products, and skin complications in the long term.

Hans Herbal overseas

Now, because of the influx of new Indian herbal beauty product companies, the synthetic giants are forced to slash their prices, put products on sale, and dole out freebies just to stay afloat, to arrest their diminishing relevance.

Beside Shahnaz Hussian, Ramdev baba, Biotique, Lotus and a few more established brands operating in India, the Indian herbal beauty market is witnessing the emergence of new players. They started small, but have captured a decent share of the market in quick time.

Hans Herbal Overseas is one such company aggressively working towards spreading the message of natural products and its benefits.

Hans Herbal overseas

Hans Herbals Overseas is a leading manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributer and supplier of rejuvenating and nourishing range of skin and hair care products, available under the Hans and Manik brands. Interestingly, Hans Herbal, unlike a majority of companies, is looking to shift a bulk of his focus from international to the domestic market. They enjoy presence in Latin America, Southern Africa, and UAE, Russia.

The emergence of various distribution channels, including on line retailing and tele-home shopping, is expected to fuel the growth of herbal beauty products market in the next five to six years.

Hans Herbal overseas

Indian men, women have used herbs, such as Sandal wood and turmeric, for ages. They applies these magic ingredients for skin care, Henna to color the hair, palms and soles, and natural oils to perfume their bodies. Detailed herbal beauty treatments were common practice in India’s royal palaces to intensify sensual appeal and maintain general hygiene.

These herbal companies use a variety of natural ingredients for enhancing beauty, such as aloe vera, calendula, basil, sandalwood, turmeric, amla or embilica officinalis, fuller’s earth, saffron, honey and azadirachta indica or neem.

Nanoparticles are being used in products that protect us from the sun, as well as in beauty products. Companies like Hans herbal are aware of every new break through and keep in tune with the times. There is no other way to survive.

 There is also a growing drift towards using herbal medicines in the skin care industry, which in turn is expected to boost the expansion of the herbal skin and hair care market. Governmental regulatory bodies are doing their bit, creating understanding and awareness among consumers with regard to the natural elements used in the products.

With even men jointing the look ‘good’ bandwagon, the herbal market will continue to swell. It is a good skin that new players like Hans Herbal Overseas are expected to give tough competition to the existing giants, in not too distant a future.

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