If you are a recovering addict, choose your rehabilitation center carefully. Sahyog can be a game-changer!

Posted on by Sneha gupta

I have been a keen student of psychology, and after three years of formal education in the subject, I believe I am well acquainted with the dreadful cycle of addictions and its potential consequences. I have always had a soft corner for those who are victims of drug abuse, and have regularly provided my time and effort towards helping addicts recover.


To that end, I have been associated with numerous rehabilitation centers in the country, Sahyog detox and de-addiction clinic being one of them.

Whether someone has suffered a heart attack, met with a tragic accident and is recovering, or has been abusing drugs and alcohol, rehabilitation centers play a crucial role.

Sahyog is the creation of a recovering addict. He was able to leave drug abuse behind after six years of use and is committed to making life comfortable for a recovering addict. In 2006, Sahyog went into operations and addicts began checking in for treatment. The environment created was such that the patients didn’t have to worry about anything other than drug-related problems.

Counselling sessions and regimented lifestyle has proven to be highly effective and the success rate is better than most centers in the country.

Addiction is not the problem of the addict alone. The entire family suffers for no fault of theirs. Mothers and fathers are powerless so they resign to their fate. Siblings have no time in this fast-paced world to help you overcome the drug problem. We need to break this vicious cycle and provide effective programs and services to support those who need recovery from addiction!

We need more de-addiction centers like Sahyog to accommodate the growing number of drug addicts in the country.

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