If you get the right vibes, salons can work magic for your skin. Invest time, identify the right one

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‘Getting in shape’ is a much sought-after objective. A shapely individual is not just physically attractive, he or she is that much more confident.  But it is almost impossible to stay healthy, internally and externally, in the kind of environment we live in. Worsening pollution levels are robbing us of our natural inheritance. We are developing all kinds of skin complications and there is very little recourse.


Amidst this disturbing phenomenon, Salons are God-sent! While there are countless salons in the market today, very few have the reputation of making difference to our skin health. After visiting various spa facilities in the Delhi/NCR region, I was finally able to identify a salon best suited for my needs. With little time to self-indulge, Vibes was tailor-made for me. From natural therapies to laser treatments, Vibes has an extensive menu of offerings.

Vibes’ ayurvedic weight loss treatment has given me a fresh lease of life, with their Stem Cell service proving to be a game-changer. This facility is mostly unavailable at other clinics. My father, interestingly, showed keen interest in visiting their center for a few jobs. Like a growing child, my father indulged in most of their services. He took patra patola, went for manicure and pedicure and facial.

Most salons claim to be ayurveda based. According to their brochure, chemicals are not used in any treatment. It’s important that as consumers, we do our due diligence before committing to a particular salon. It crucial that we educate ourselves on what’s bad and what’s good for our skin and body. Tall claims shouldn’t shroud our ability to judge.

Besides their expertise, Vibes also provides hygienic and friendly environment. Unless there is cleanliness and service, salons can never thrive.

I look better than before. I feel good. I guess our vibes match.

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