Skin health: Dr. Krupa Shankar says beautiful people can escape punishment

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There is a reunion party round the corner and you are struggling to get rid of the two large, evil-looking breakouts on the skin. Time’s running out and with each passing day, your stress grows. You have tried quite a few product-based solutions, but to no avail. You are especially panicky because your old flame is coming to the party, too, and you want to look the best version of yourself… it’s a serious concern.

Dr. Krupa Shankar

We all crave for beautiful, healthy skin. It boosts our confidence and attracts people to us. We are not invisible, we are noticed. Psychologists say beautiful people can easily escape punishment! This is where the role of a reliable dermatologist becomes critical.

Trusted dermatologists are rare. When it comes to skin, everyone is unsure about hits and trials. Dr. Krupa Shankar, one of the dermatologists I came across, was heaven sent.

My experience at the Dr. Krupa Shankar’s Skin Diagnosis Centre, Bangalore, has been so life-saving that I have stopped going anywhere else for skin-related issues. The centre has state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities, and offers personalized care with the help of latest technology. There is both virtual consultation and personalised approach with Dr Krupa Shankar.

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