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The joy of becoming a parent cannot be described. Let’s just say, nothing can compare to the joy of feeling and touching your new-born. You see your reflection in the child, it’s surreal and overwhelming.

Chennai Fertility Centre

The moment you enter parenthood, your world would change 360 degree. Emotional, financial, social and hundred other aspects of life get a new meaning. Parenthood changes your life. Forever.

But what if some of us are deprived of this blissful experience? What if infertility comes in the way of a family’s dream?

Infertility is not confined to urban circles alone. The horizons are widening at a rapid pace, especially in the metros. It is estimated that of the 60-80 million couples suffering from infertility globally every year, between 15-20 million are in India alone. When it comes to infertility, our perception of this problem is ‘infertility as women’s problem.’

However, up to half of the cases of infertility involve problems with men. However, when it comes to a topic like this, we Indians are really hesitant. The society has conditioned us in such a way that the fear and embarrassment associated with infertility is deeply entrenched in our minds. We don’t really come out and speak about it out of shame.

With the advent of modern medical technologies, we have been relieved of many problems, one of them being infertility. It is an endowment to us! Hundreds and thousands of traumatized couples can have their babies now.

However, making the right choice is as critical as the problem itself.

Numerous infertility clinics have sprung up in India in recent times because of the growing cases of infertility. Exploiting the situation, quite a few clinics, if not many, are indulging in fraud practices. They prescribe unnecessary treatments and create panic. The patient literally becomes ready to do everything the doctor tells.

However, many are ethical, too. Chennai Fertility Centre is one of them. A state-of-the-art fertility centre is a one-stop centre that provides comprehensive infertility treatment, not only for women, but also for men. From basic evaluation and testing, to the very latest in assisted reproductive technologies and counselling, many other services are offered. Data showed a success rate amounting to 60-70% live birth.

Parenthood is the world’s most beautiful experience, and I wish every single person enjoys this pleasure!

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