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Life has become almost unliveable, in more ways than one!

Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere before the others. There is cutthroat competition, no quarters given. If you blink for a moment, someone else will have taken your place. That’s how starved we are, always plotting to bring the other person down.

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Professional demands leave no room for anything else. We are all slaves to our professional masters; they control what we do, when we do. There is no respite, no time to sit back and reflect.

Sometimes, the pressure becomes so heavy that we want to finish every responsibility and leave town, go for a vacation.

In my experience, it relaxes and rejuvenates me. I come back stronger, harder. Because it gave me time to reflect, I work with clarity. I have a fresh outlook to problems, I have new-found zeal, and I am determined to scale greater heights!

But let’s go back to the vacation.

Planning for a vacation is traditionally a time-taking affair, it can be hectic. Making hotel choices, flight bookings, airport transfers…. it takes time and energy.

The scenario is changing now. The trending concept in vacation is flexi-stay. Flexi-stay is an evolved ‘holiday concept’ which gives you the freedom to holiday in any season, for any reason, and at any location of your choice. Be it a pilgrimage, leisure or business trip, your plan will always provide you with a suitable and delightful accommodation. I feel more than half of the problem can be sorted with this!

Citrus Check Inns has engineered this unique holiday deal which is customer-friendly and suitable to every budget category. Even if it is a 45-day holiday, you are welcomed!

Citrus check inns is a part of the Mirah group, one of India’s leading business house. The over three-decade old company has an extensive portfolio, with diverse fields of work.

Explore the world… It is beautiful!

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