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All of us dream of a good life, but to get there, we must first take few important steps. Building a sound foundation is a start, something that education helps provide. We believe we can earn more in a foreign country than at home, so we apply for visa to work abroad. We even seek relocation, seeking better living standards and high quality of life. We are always thinking about countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France and Hong Kong for a variety of purposes – study, work, live.

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There is a great deal of paperwork that goes into it. There are certain mandatory requirements, too. For example, an aspiring candidate for Australia has to submit an expression of interest and must possess specialized skills in order to work abroad. He must possess competent English skills. He must fulfill various distinctive formalities – visa filing, conducting sessions, documentation, bank transfers, money exchanges, and much more. Most of the applications have applied for skilled independent visa, a permanent visa that lets you:

  • To stay in Australia indefinitely
  • To work and study in Australia
  • To enroll in Medicare (Australian health care and expenses scheme)
  • To apply for Australian citizenship
  • To sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • To travel to and from Australia for five years from the very first date when the visa is granted

This is a tedious, yet critical process. It cannot be taken lightly and shortcuts are best avoided for future convenience. Gather all the information – where do you get the relevant information, where do you start the visa-filing process, which documents are required, who can vouch etc. Once you have all the data and you are clear in your objective, you would need experienced guidance.

The MM Visa Aid Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized offshore agent of the Australian Government that facilitates skilled visas (independent/sponsored), sponsorship by a relative, state/territory nomination, provisional, and skilled regional sponsored visas.  The company has successfully covered hundreds of cases, and continues to offer professional advice on immigration issues.

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