The real estate sector is showing signs of revival, but tread carefully! Make informed choices through Pragati Group

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The real estate sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy and has been one of the leading protagonists in India’s economic growth. The real estate sector contributes 8.53% of the total GDP and also witnessed growth rate to the tune of 30%.


The real estate sector is likely to see a resurrection in the years ahead. The Indian government has allowed foreign direct investment of up to 100% under the automatic route in real estate projects, a move much appreciated in the industry. The government appears to be breaking its back to boost infrastructure activities in India.

The out-of-box thinking followed by the real estate developers has played a significant role in changing the landscape of India. The radical shift from being an under-developed country towards becoming a developed country, with the help of infrastructure developments, owes much of its success to the real estate sector.

Several real estate companies have sprung up in the last few years. The market is saturated, but those with the finest strategy to make an impact will always be comfortable. One such company is the Pragati Group, a part of a leading real estate giant, amalgamated with Devika Promoter and Builders. With more than 40 years of expertise in delivering residential and commercial properties, the Pragati Group can safely claim to be a cut above the rest.

Some of their projects include Devika tower in Nehru place, Pragati tower in Rajendra place, and Devika group of apartments, to name just a few.

In India’s saturated real estate market, companies that have the mind to restrategise according to the prevailing circumstances will survive. The rest will perish!

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