Digital transformation agencies making a difference to companies’ future growth

Posted on by Rohan Desai

The ‘Digital India’ campaign has added more impetus to the business operations of digital agencies. More and more businesses, from start-ups to the more established ones, are reaching out to these transformers in order to gain maximum visibility on the numerous social media platforms. Fully-serviced digital agencies promote their clients on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc with the help of various digital tools and expertise.

Social Channels

Although digital promotion is not a new phenomenon, more expertise and technical know-how has been added in recent years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign is starting to change the communication landscape and an increasing number of companies are seeking digital assistance to spread the word.

Mobile advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, SMS, What’s app, and Voice solutions are some other mediums employed by digital companies.

Ashmita Dhingra,CEO of Digifish3 a fully-serviced digital agency, says: “Everyone’s business is unique and requires customized marketing approach that target’s customer both ways – Online & Offline.”

She added: “We provide celebrity connect as well, with quite a few stars already associated with Digifish3 for various promotions and events. Besides celebrities, our clients are also from real estate, e-commerce, education, retail, and hospitality etc.

Celebrity in Digifish

There are many more players in the digital domain serving similar interests. These digital integrators are combining great user- experience with world-class technology execution, and continue to refine its role as clients look for fresh, innovative digital partners. The 21st century client has raised their bar of expectation. They look for flawless experience.

While companies are expecting expertise in Enterprise Architecture and start-to-end job, digital firms are expanding their proficiency and are going deeper into complex technology execution.

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