Google’s 360 degree view: A considerable threat to nation security

Posted on by Sneha gupta

Indian government denies to give permission for 360 degree street view. Initially Google want to upload 360 degree view of India’s famous tourist locations like heritage sites, famous buildings, renowned temples, markets and other popular places with the consent of tourism department.

However, Indian government home ministry has decided to reject the plan of Google to take picture of locations by camera that is mounted on top of the car by capturing panoramic view of streets. Their plan to cover all cities, rural and urban areas to run 3D map services on Google map.

The reason of roadblock by government is due to the fact that terrorist might misuse this technology to promote anti national activities after getting full access of real images of locations. Like security threats for world heritage sites, defense areas, Advanced researches and development Labs, high populated areas, Business Hubs. Historical example is 2008 Mumbai attack by terrorist mastermind David Headley who plan the same with the help of Pictures and images. Moreover, this 360 degree view technology may intervene the privacy of people.

Although Google is trying very hard to convince government that 360 degree view will help improve tourism because it gives real time experience of “foot on the ground” view. This technology will definitely help people to locate exact locations and it will facilitate people in many ways. Apart from this it is beneficial for Government as well as authorities can make better plans at the time of disaster. Google has already launched these services at US and European countries and it is being broadly used there. However, Defense and Security agencies claimed that permitting street view would compromise security of the nation.

Though Google is still in talking terms with the concerned ministries concerning the issue and the final decision is yet to arrive.

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