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The integrated creative advertising industry is witnessing a boom, with more and more HNIs and corporations looking to engage agencies that offer similar services. Demand for this one-stop-shop service has overgrown the existing supply, triggering the emergence and growth of new players offering similar, and more.

The planning and execution of all advertising-like, or promotion-like messages for individual clients or corporations by a single agency has not only reduced client’s cost, it has also saved valuable time. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time or money to pay 10 people for one job. If a client’s mandate is all out media campaign, then why hire multiple vendors? Why engage a brand management company, image consultant, print media, electronic media, radio space, digital marketing, and communication designers separately, when it can all come under one umbrella?

Right Brainz, a one-and-a-half year old integrated creative advertising agency, is one of the many firms equipped with the capacity to cater to a varied clientele. This fine cocktail of services they offer encompasses all platforms – Electronic, Print, and Digital. Creating a niche in a limited span of time, Right Brainz has successfully deployed 360 degree marketing, promoted failing brands using multiple tools, designed websites with a difference and assists clients with its brand identity.

Right brainz

One of the crucial parts of advertisement is to ensure that companies meet client’s mandate. For that, it is important to engage clients at each step, seeking their direction if need be. Working in association with clients ensures minimal chance of redoing the whole exercise, which is a good possibility with companies that work on their own and don’t entertain client’s interference much.

Right Brainz sees client’s inputs as healthy and constructive, not interference. Most of the companies in this sector are managed and run by creative professionals, who understand the medium better than most. But with competition at its peak, it’s not easy to sustain a healthy clientele.

Right brainz

Right Brainz has already inked three retainerships with multiple clients for their 360 degree marketing, a two aimed at complete makeover… their strong clientele reflects their health – Infosys, Crusaders, SDU Travels, Classic Rail Journey, TWX, AWX, Colouricious, IVONI, Hygrid Solar, Ways Travels, Robert Elison etc.

One of the key factors responsible for the success or failure of any company is its human resources. Strategizing, brainstorming, firefighting requires a certain level of intelligence and understanding of the subject matter. Many companies collapse even before they could begin to crawl simply because they compromised on the quality of human minds just to save a few bucks. It’s a classic mistake to make.

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